Faij Ahmad

Faij Ahmad is an officer under training at Shipping Corporation of India. Beside being a Naval Seafarer, He is an Author and compiler of 6 Books. He is honoured with two coveted records, India Book of Record and Asia Book of Record. He has also embarked his presence as Nazmkaar and has done several shows across different cities of Maharashtra. Faij Ahmad, Comes from Bagaha, Bihar (The city of Tigers). He has received elementary and primary education from his hometown and later joined Sainik School Gopalganj for Further academic excellence. The Eldest son and noble descendent of loving parents, Sayeda Khatoon and Faiyaj Alam. His keen interest into writing has made all doors open. With capacity of an Author and Compiler, He has done several initiative in the field of writing. His first compilation was about the cadets of sainik school. He made it happen by collecting 100 gallantry cadets from different states of India and engraved their writeups on first ever book on Sainik School. He also gave platforms to budding writers by publishing their writeup into a compilation named, "Words from the heart". This initiative took a year and he collected 100+ plus unpublished writer from different chintz of Globe. The community owe his remarkable contribution in the field of writing. Authors like him are justice to the literature and an ideal to every aspiring writers. You can connect with him on Instagram @shibbuahmed and on YouTube with keyword search "Faij Ahmad Nazmkaar".

will corona come again

Will Corona Come Again?

India has suffered 45 million corona cases. Since the start of the pandemic. Where continuous waves are hitting China. Will corona come again? The covid cases are increasing in China. The other countries are not leaving any stone unturned to fight with the same. New covid attacks are becoming havoc. It is pre-assumed that the…

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top technology trends 2023

Top technology trends in 2023

Technology trends, In simple language, Technology is the application of scientific language. The usage varies from purpose to purpose. The sum of scientific language in a device or equipment. Technology is making today easy and growing at an exponential pace. It is a pre-assumption that most human comfort will be technology dependent in the coming…

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Human Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence

Why human intelligence is better than artificial intelligence

AI is at a tender stage now. It is aiming at making quantum computing as smart as humans. The phenomenal growth of Artificial Intelligence depends on its applicability. AI is a cutting-edge technology that is giving tough competition to every Human intelligence. The way humans have neurolinguistic programming, AI has natural language processing. Its function…

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fintech companies

A Light on Top Fintech Companies and Start-ups in Year 2023

Fintech companies are Mushrooming in financial services. Digital lending is the basic premise of fintech. The ultimate aim is to ensure the market economy at the tender level. The idea of fintech has revolutionized the way of dealing. The silver pellet for the digital economy is Artificial Intelligence. Fundraising at minimal interest will widen the…

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fintech industry

All you need to know about Fintech Industry in India

What is Fintech? Fintech is technology in banking or Financial Services. We can add technology to banking services by codes or other computer programs. The word Fintech is a synonym for Financial Technology. Fintech Industry is a combination of Finance and technology. Fintech firms are the new age firms. These firms are combining Technology with…

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What is Fintech and what is trending in Fintech in 2023?

Let’s Discuss what actually Fintech is, Fintech is basically the computer coded programs which are used for Financial and Banking services. When we talk about venture capitalist, Fintech is always found in demand. Fintech is built to enhance the automation of financial services across the globe. Few examples from the fintech field will help you…

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