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decentralized finance

Decentralized Finance and its impact on traditional finance

Decentralized Finance also known as DeFi; the industries are emerging industries that promise to revolutionize the sector of traditional finance. There is a vibrant need for a transparent and safe financial system. And there is a huge debate going on between decentralized finance and traditional finance. It is well known that decentralized finance is emerging…

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fintech companies

A Light on Top Fintech Companies and Start-ups in Year 2023

Fintech companies are Mushrooming in financial services. Digital lending is the basic premise of fintech. The ultimate aim is to ensure the market economy at the tender level. The idea of fintech has revolutionized the way of dealing. The silver pellet for the digital economy is Artificial Intelligence. Fundraising at minimal interest will widen the…

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fintech industry

All you need to know about Fintech Industry in India

What is Fintech? Fintech is technology in banking or Financial Services. We can add technology to banking services by codes or other computer programs. The word Fintech is a synonym for Financial Technology. Fintech Industry is a combination of Finance and technology. Fintech firms are the new age firms. These firms are combining Technology with…

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What is Fintech and what is trending in Fintech in 2023?

Let’s Discuss what actually Fintech is, Fintech is basically the computer coded programs which are used for Financial and Banking services. When we talk about venture capitalist, Fintech is always found in demand. Fintech is built to enhance the automation of financial services across the globe. Few examples from the fintech field will help you…

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