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The future of work and how to prepare for it

future of work

Let us understand how we used to execute work in the late 80s and 70s. From the late 80s to the twenty-first century, A large flow of work has changed. It has created huge implications for the way it has changed over the years. The future of work has diligently changed over the years.

You can stay relevant as you age in your life:

Things near us are changing at quite a rapid pace. The innovations merge quickly with emerging lifestyles. There was a time when having a calculator was a real challenge, nowadays AI can easily complete the work. The space of technology is driving the world faster than expected. Where there used to be a long Excel sheet for making a financial statement, now there are CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) for the default publishing the invoices and financial statements. Time has flown so fast that even there are vending machines for all small chores and local use. Unless you do not acclimatize as per the pace of the growing world, you would fall so hard that too mercilessly. Hence it is way important and needs time to absorb oneself the change in the flow of work and prepare ourselves with the latest skillset.

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Fight and overcome the struggle, to stay relevant.

The nature of work changes after every span of 6 Decades. Such changes are massive to count. Educating yourself always and overcoming the struggle are the only ways to stay relevant. Early adulthood and falling for work early will never keep us relevant unless we update ourselves with the changes. There are three most important skills you require to dwell in yourself to update daily.

  • Technology
  • Critical Thinking
  • And Problem-solving skill

You can also have the hierarchy-based skill, as there is a huge demand for professionals in the market. And the way you grow up and excel in the field, you would require a quantum of skill to chase the flow of the market. A few of the most demanded skills of the market are enumerated below which will help you to stay relevant:

  • Leadership
  • Interpersonal
  • Analytical and Critical Thinking
  • Functional Expertise
  • Digital Capability

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Stay Prepared for Further Industrial Revolution:

If we go back to the year 1760-1820, the First industrial revolution took place when water, steam, and mechanization took a massive revolution in the industry sector. Then the Second industrial revolution came between 1871-1914, where Electricity, division of labour, and mass production took a great leap. The Third Industrial Revolution gained momentum between 1969-2000 When automation, the Internet, and computers came into being. 2010 to present, this is the new revolution of robotization, cyber-physical systems, and the vast internet came into the flow. Staying prepared for the fifth revolution will have another catch in establishing yourself as prepared for work.

Learn all essential and flexible skills:

Upgrading yourself with knowledge is the best method to grow. While routing toward career building, we tend to forget some of our patent skills. Hence it is very much necessary to upgrade it with all essential and flexible skills. There was a time when few from a bunch were aware of using a personal computer. Nowadays a shop is incomplete without it. Every organization, firm, and manufacturing unit has an array of computers. Hence it becomes very much reasonable and worth accepting that learning the essential skill is going to help you in some step today or tomorrow.

Here are some top skills that will help prepare you for the future of work:

  • Management
  • Communication
  • A vast leadership
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Public Speaking

Explore the new Ethos of learning

To understand and stay competitive with the future of the work, you will have to explore the new way of learning as well. We have divided learning into two parts namely macro learning and micro learning. Micro-learning deals with learning divided into small parts. You can use articles, emails, newsletters, and various other means to start micro-learning. Macro learning is learning where you get into the topic to learn it completely. This involves a larger scope of studies to improve skill development. People often go for higher education. The micro-learning happens with video, articles, code, samples, and tools. The macro-learning includes courses, classes, and programs.

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How we can remain prepared for the future of work?

We can shift towards the automation of the work by understanding the trend. You can understand the work fashion of your field and explore the future of it. By overtaking the responsibility of the company. Bring the right talent and embrace the future.

What would be the exact future of work?

There was a time when the organization was shifting towards digitalization. But the effective changes are shifting towards AI and Data science. The new world is quite progressive and welcoming of a demanding trend. Hence understanding the future of the work in your field is fairly important.


The future of work is all about understanding the essence of the world and where it is flowing. Once you are ready to adapt to the changes, you can easily get over the occurred changes and their implications. Getting onto the trend and adapting it as skill development is something that can help to enrich the endeavour. Learn the day-to-day skills and implement the same in the work cycle. This will help you to go and make you stay prepared for the future of work.

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