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Why human intelligence is better than artificial intelligence

Human Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence

AI is at a tender stage now. It is aiming at making quantum computing as smart as humans. The phenomenal growth of Artificial Intelligence depends on its applicability. AI is a cutting-edge technology that is giving tough competition to every Human intelligence. The way humans have neurolinguistic programming, AI has natural language processing. Its function is to program the block of quantum. Think tanks for AI have processors in them. It can’t think beyond its software. There is a long debate going on about humans vs AI. 

Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence

AI has limited acting abilities while Humans have unlimited. AI will be restricted because of its coding while Humans create new neural patterns and accumulate new experiential coding. Natural learning and growth of Humans have evolved over centuries and can’t be beaten by AI. Human dignity is bliss with innovation which will never allow AI to replace humans. Humans are far better than AI When compared.

Human And Artificial Intelligence

  • Unable to address Economic, Social, and Cultural Issues

AI will not be able to address the issue of emerging poverty, terrorism, social conflicts, and depression. AI is just a numerical system that will make human physical tasks easier. But, at the same time, there are multiple challenges. AI will not be successful in promoting the equitable distribution of natural resources. The fight will always remain continuous beyond continents. Humans are far ahead in economic and social issues; AI cannot do match-making.

  • Challenging stability

Human existence in itself is the greatest achievement of the universe. AI will intentionally or unintentionally harm the long-existing society. The balance will be distorted and the question would be on the Manufacturing of AI. It came into existence for the help of humans but the point when it starts regulating human action. Life becomes less productive. Humans are superior, The Stability of AI cannot be challenged.

  • Ethical Issues

Human nature is highly regulated by the morals and principles of society. AI is against morality. It understands the language of quanta. Its thinking is restricted like Allan’s gory of caves. Humans follow the principle of auto-correct previous experience. Decisions of AI involve biasness. AI has an opaque system, leading to a lack of transparent decision-making socialization will become difficult with the coming of AI. There is a need to reduce the age of AI in our recent world system. AI does not have any sort of ethics but humans have. 

  • Threat to Job Opportunity

Humans will have difficulty in job acquisition. If AI replaces humans, the unemployment rate would increase. Physical labor will lose its existence. Everyone will be aligned toward machines and jobs will be given to AI. Though the speed of AI is still more, humans have its supreme importance in one way or another. 

  • Impact on Universe Algorithm

The algorithms of living creatures have multiple impacts on the Universe. The new birth and death of old ones have their effect. Automation of tasks will make Earth a land of AI which is against the natural principle of evolution. The way plants grow, wind moves, and humans interact and embrace the environment. AI will never be able to achieve such a bond with nature. It’s the human golden tendency to decorate the environment. AI only mimics but not humans. 

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

  • It will improve the country’s interspace working. It can handle hazardous substances. It can manufacture automobiles.
  • It will enhance the banking ecosystem of the country. This will enhance security. 
  • It can work diligently towards making the aviation sector advance in terms of location tracking.
  • It will help to improve climatic conditions and prior information can be depicted.
  • It will genuinely improve cross-border interactions among various countries.

Human integrity is relying on creative thinking and intellect. Neuron connections of the human mind will outperform Artificial Intelligence. More smooth conditioning of human neurons will be the development of humanity. Humans hold real intelligence and real moral values. The inclusiveness of human existence ultimately emphasizes resilience. Humanity is the beautiful creation of the supreme entity. Technology will bring ease to human action but it will not vanish humans. Artificial intelligence brings evolution to compute mechanization. Human intelligence brings evolution to universal existence. The decision-making capability of humans is more oriented than AI.


Humans will be better observers and better designers in any field. They will efficiently do social scoring. Psychological and cognitive abilities are naturally existing in humans. Artificial intelligence will not fulfill this condition. Technological advancement at the cost of humans will make everyone liable to earth. The spread of AI is inevitable, but humans should focus on addressing the lags of artificial intelligence. 

Artificial intelligence holds the capacity for problem-solving while Humans are a far better ability for problem-solving. A law ecosystem will bring innovation to every sector. Artificial intelligence cannot beat the entrant existing for centuries i.e., humans. Emotions are jewels of human existence; artificial intelligence will distort that jewel. 

Artificial intelligence would lead to a clash of civilizations. Humans must keep a regular eye on machines. To preserve our deeply rooted humanity. Humans have social and cultural responsibility which is of utmost importance. So, we need to keep reason on top and work for the betterment of the world. 

The new type of colonization will have its umbrella on humans. The tech colonization of Artificial Intelligence. The vibrancy of humanity is outshining Humans, not AI. Horizons of development might grow through AI, but humans always have a substantial existence of worth.

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