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How to overcome procrastination and increase productivity?


The world is running so fast, it is often needed to sit back sometimes and think of what we have left behind. Everyone is at the pace of gaining something and running in an unavoidable race. Most of the masses fall sick of that and do not have healthy brains to work. At the same time, the masses have to perform well and cater best to the world. But in the fancy world, we are forgetting ourselves to an extent. Remember the way you smiled when you were a kid, did you smile the same way ever? The answer is No. This is because we are in a beautiful trap of earning money, fighting the race of being the finest, and wanting to be ahead of everyone. People are suffering from procrastination and hence not their attitudinal lifestyle but also their productivity is dying.

Procrastination is now becoming a human tendency and a lot many youths are suffering from it in some way or another. The problem is even after suffering from procrastination, people do not realize what they are suffering from. Even after hampering the work, people fall into the cage of being less productive. The article will help you know the right method to overcome procrastination and reliable methods to enhance productivity.

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What do we mean by the term Procrastination?

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Procrastination emerges through laziness or apathy in the form of blame-oriented delay. It is about postponing the current set of actions and work. When something tends to require immediate action, but you happen to delay it or put-off. This is Procrastination. The behavioural act of doing something at a slow pace or late, which must have been completed. The question keeps on framing, “What Procrastination is”. But we fail to understand that it is the formed-up habit of inner tendency. Which makes delays in your work and yes, it is the most evolving problem of this century and the human race.

Here are the two Major types of Procrastination:

Acute Procrastination

Acute procrastination originates when a human gets to have some difficult or unpleasant task. You can overcome acute procrastination by taking proper sleep, work-life balance, and having a mental check-up. Acute procrastination does not stay for long but can be often dangerous to meet the deadline.

Chronic Procrastination

Chronic procrastination happens for a long time, the symptoms fall like missing regular deadlines, putting off tasks, and getting often distracted. The Chronic procrastination originates when a human gets to have a range of difficulties in completing tasks that results in often missing deadlines. Chronic procrastination often leads to bad habits and mental health. You can go through therapy and coaching to get rid of chronic procrastination.

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Here are the 5 most relevant ways to overcome procrastination:

Make your surrounding free from distraction:

Distraction in your work is the most abundant way to go through procrastination. If you are working from home, make sure that there must be a suitable room that can be an office. You can also choose to work from a local library or a soothing coffee shop.

Set deadlines

Pre-plan the deadlines of all your daily work, and make sure you follow that at any cost. It usually takes time to come into the habit but once made it helps in overcoming procrastination. Working for scheduled deadlines makes you disciplined and routine-oriented.

Do not run for Perfection

Go for doing something and completing it your way. It is never about perfection, sometimes when you are chasing the bigger goal, you are at least completing it rather than postponing It further for the next call due to procrastination.

Use positive aspects of technology

This can result in a better way to fight procrastination, you can set alarms on your phone, you can update your to-do list daily, or can divide your time so that you do not delay the work because of technology. Technology has its use in a better way by socializing with the right people for the right kind of work.

The Pomodoro Technique

This technique remains in high demand, as you can divide a length of work into fragments or chunks. After completion of every fragment, you can reward yourself with a break. This keeps you fresh and lets you go.

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5 Most working methods to increase Productivity:

Set Goals

No matter how short the goals are, set the right goal and execute it at the decided deadline. The fragments of smaller goals make them big and give you the orientation of a disciplined person.

Execute time audit

Having suffered from procrastination, means you have to save your time and go for a time audit. Check and balance better by doing the right work in the right period. Delaying the work is proportional to refusing the work.

Execute one at a time

Do not run for multiple projects or many works at a time. Respect your brain, respect your time, and execute one work at one time. When your brain is into so much work, it revolves to find a way to do it all together.

Evaluate your day

The day is completely yours; it starts with you and completes with you. There shall be no hassle, test the day and find time for yourself as well.

Condense-Related Task

Feel free to distribute or condense the tasks. Having overloaded with work is never the right idea. Finish the work and pick up the next project immediately. If you are extra loaded, distribute the work with other colleagues.

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What emerges as the root of procrastination?

Most people want to end up as the finest and wisest, and they end up getting into procrastination. Having fear of failure, having a disorganized tendency, and other issues make you procrastinate. These are the main roots of procrastination.

How can you overcome procrastination?

Set deadlines, staying free from distractions, not running for perfection and the Pomodoro technique are some of the most beneficial ways to fight procrastination.

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