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Why is Search Engine Optimization(SEO) necessary for your content?

SEO Search Engine Optimization

What Exactly is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is an expanded form of SEO. It’s a vibrant process of ranking your website on Google search. Stronger the SEO, Better comes the ranking and visibility of your website on the Search Engine. The better result in such engines gives better attention to sites. The pages which are more likely to the result are shown first and then the other.

How does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work?

There are bots made by google, once a search is made. The bots get a command to crawl through the pages of websites. While going from site to site, Bots are positioned to create Indexes. The complete index looks like racks of a library filled with innumerable books. According to your search engine, the bot has to filter the top-ranked book of your choice.

Once websites are filtered, the pages are analyzed to have the finest and best result. There are multiple factors involved in ranking the page of a website. For every query, the right search result is shown after appropriate visualization by the bots. A variety of factors affect the search result, a few of them are listed below.

  • The quality of your Content.
  • Intensified Keyword research
  • Content Optimization
  • Bot crawlability
  • Speed
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How to write quality and SEO Friendly Content?

  1. Search a topic according to the Niche of your website
  2. Search Recommended keywords
  3. Analyse and filter important keywords
  4. Use the Search bar of Google to get the right keyword for your topic.
  5. Write content with the proper placement of keywords.
  6. Keep an eye open for Keyword Density
  7. Structure your content
  8. Check Plagiarism
  9. Upload the Content
  10. Wait for the Result
  11. Check the Drawbacks and Functioning of SEO

Learning SEO Factors is like deep diving into a holy trench. What are the Four Major factors? Let’s learn them Deeply.

On-Page SEO/On-Site SEO

On-page SEO talks about the recommended activities which are done on the page or on the sites. The primary parameter involves Meta Description or Meta Titles, images, quality content Etc.

A perfect On-Page SEO includes good Content with quality keyword selection and aligning these keywords at the proper place in the content. Appropriate titles and suitable headings are another gesture of ON Page SEO. Other Comprehended factors of On-page SEO are mentioned below:

  1. By Publishing worthy Content.
  2. Optimization of page title  
  3. Optimization of page Content
  4. Content Formatting
  5. Heading and Suitable topics
  6. Content Formatting
  7. SEO and Copyright free Images
  8. Optimized URL
  9. Internal Links/ External Links
  10. Inbound and Outbound Link Juice
  11. Internal Linking of Web
  12. Page Navigation

Off-Page SEO/ Off-Site SEO

Off-page SEO has to do with Link Building, Popularity of links, Search Engines Exchange of links ETC. This helps in the subsequent promotion of sites. The following points explain the working of Off Page SEO:

  1. Outreach to Influencers
  2. Contribution as Guest Author
  3. Engagement Via social media and Social Sites
  4. Social bookmarking of Sites
  5. Adding Backlinks
  6. Mention into Google Business profile.

Technical SEO

The technical side of Search Engine Optimization refers to the optimization of Servers and websites to have better index ranking. Technical way deals with setting up pages in such a way that every page works efficiently. So that the bot crawls efficiently. Web Architecture shall be done with proper efficacy. There are 4 major portions of Technical SEO, Described below:

  1. Architecture of Website
  2. Rendering of Page
  3. Index Ranking
  4. Bot crawling 

Local SEO

Local Search Engine Optimization makes your Business and Brand more viable, liable, and Visible in Local Search engines. The business or brands which deal within a specified geographical area or a particular geographical location. Town and Cities based businesses use the major benefit of Local SEO. Small Businesses such as Motor Repairs and Area-based Decoration Council.

The Beginner Guide to SEO is a roller coaster. SEO Courses and relevant guides can only be understood after trying your blogs at Google. Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a discipline made and crafted wisely. Better ranking with the help of SEO is the best. It’s a race of Quality and Quantity to undertake the google traffic. There are a few SEO tools, we have found it for you and listed below.

  • Google Search Console 
  • The Google Analytics
  • Semrush is considered one of the magnificent and powerful tools across google.
  • Google Trends
  • The Rank Math Plugins

And many more, do visit other blogs like ours for more information.

Google has always been known for its versatile efforts in the field of Information and Knowledge. And it has been well said that if you can’t find something on google, Either it doesn’t exist or You are searching wrong. Google is the roof of every home and we are the users seeking information from google enormously. Everyone is in a race of getting the right result. The best results are ranked by the spider of google. This is where we help, A proper SEO of Websites helps you to grow relevant and bring you close to the market. 


SEO( Search Engine Optimization) is the only way to stand out from the competition and bring yourself into the market. Maximum companies and other brands hustle to get into the race. A better SEO will not just make you closer to the market, but also help your services and products to reach the right and targeted customer. SEO is once known and understood it’s a cream flow on your fingertips, sitting at home and earning easily. Better ranking pages are not just money-making but also have the right answer for the right query asked in the Search Bar. What is SEO Solving the problem is quite easy. All you have to do is bring the right content and upload it under the right heading. Quality content needs quality research and the right keyword selection. Better content is always a solution for better ranking. SEO is of different types but deeply it is content based. You can excel only when your content can excel. Meta tags and Internal links and correct pictures with infographics and basic ways of providing great content. 

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