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Will Corona Come Again?

will corona come again

India has suffered 45 million corona cases. Since the start of the pandemic. Where continuous waves are hitting China. Will corona come again?

The covid cases are increasing in China. The other countries are not leaving any stone unturned to fight with the same. New covid attacks are becoming havoc. It is pre-assumed that the corona will hit again. The experts are claiming that another pandemic can hit if overlooked. There are so many older underlying coronae. The policymakers are slowing down the pace of corona. This healthcare tragedy is hampering the economic influence. 

Visualization of the coronavirus causing COVID-19
Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash

Health tips on Corona:

  1. Stop yourself from contacts. Stay away from constant groups. The more you stay away from people, the more you are safe. Try doing online meetings and other obligations.
  2. Mask is a basic necessity; it must be compulsion everywhere. It must remain free. Schools are now regulating masks as a compulsion. Similar should be in offices and other premises also. 
  3. Mandatory testing must remain available everywhere in hospitals.
  4. A compulsory test in all schools, colleges, and Academic Institutions.
  5. Protective measures in public areas and public transport
  6. Mandatory Masks in indoor areas such as café, Indoor games, and other activities. 
  7. Limited participants in Indoor areas with restrictions.

Are we going to witness more waves of corona?

Cases are increasing in countries like China and South Korea. There is a sound alert to stay cautious across the globe. Mock drills must happen to make the public aware of the happenings.

The corona will make a hit again in 2023. With the growth of the pandemic in a few countries is resulting in the spread of corona. The world might see problems jumping into a broken casket until the borders are not blocked. I can handcuff countries or borders sealed to get rid of the things as soon as possible. Tomorrow can be tough with the spread of corona. Why not take precautions today? It is not the lord Almighty who gives us the same. 

It is a change that Corona can start building its home in the year 2023. On our end, we can stay cautious with the same. The waves can increase anytime with the troublesome environment. The hazards are less welcomed when dealt with precautions. 

Corona is a major heartbreak and it can trouble our lives again. The jobs may get shut down. Problems can become part of our life. 

I remember an incident in India. When factory people came back home by walking a thousand kilometers on Foot. It was very heart-wrenching that humans would never want to suffer the same. Our time is going to be abrupt. Massive occurrences may happen. To stay safe, remain at the home of peace. 


What is Corona 2.0?

Coronavirus belongs to the family of viruses. It will affect the immunity of human beings. It is following the lineage of viruses SARS and MERS. As it is also a respiratory disease followed by cough and fever. 

What are the signs of getting COVID?

The most common signs are cough, cold, dry throat, and congestion in the nasal cavity. It can also cause breathing problems, aches, and pain in the body. People who have diabetes, and hypertension can develop serious ailments. 

Will corona spread through used handkerchiefs?

The risk of catching a virus from used handkerchiefs of a person having COVID is quite high. Respiratory droplets over handkerchiefs can cause COVID.

Will corona Spread through water?

Studies have shown that respiratory droplets will lead to the spread of COVID. Water is a dispersing agent that will lead to the spread of COVID.

Will corona happen to a person having no signs of illness?

A person having asymptomatic signs of disease can cause COVID. People having mild signs of COVID can lead to the spreading of the disease.

What can you do to protect yourself from getting affected by COVID?

  • Clean hands while eating and coming back from the market with alcohol-based soap.
  • Keep hand sanitizer with yourself and wear masks.
  • If possible, try to use gloves while riding any vehicles
  • Maintain at least a 1-meter distance from the one who is sneezing or coughing.
  • Make sure you follow a hygienic food area and environment. 
  • Try to stay at home if you feel unwell or have body aches. 
  • Follow proper guidelines of government and administration. 
  • Isolate yourself at home whenever you face COVID. Try to reduce false consciousness among people.
  • Create awareness and keep updating others on the harmful effects of COVID.
  • Eat food items that will enhance the immunity and strength of the body.


Corona is effectively increasing. With the increase in cases, the spread can be large. If corona happens to come into force again, it can ruin the economics of any country. Let us not forget what Corona has given us already. The pledge can solve the problem. 

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